Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Mommy Meme

I stole this one from Tertia at So Close. It's a free-be for the Worst Mamas here who have nothing to write about (as if...) or you readers out there - post it on your blog and link to it from comments!

I would never...I've learned that parenting is largely about flexibility. Every one of the things I thought I'd never do before I had kids, I've done. From the poopy-diaper bottom sniff, to the screaming toddler in the restaurant, to cleaning my kindergartener's face with my own saliva - I've done it all.

I always...try not to criticize other parent's choice, even if I vehemently disagree with them. I can't stand when people do that to me.

I got an easy ride when it came to...mealtimes for Lauren - she really would eat anything as a toddler, and only had a brief fussy period between 3 and 4. Sleeping for Lindsay - she was sleeping 6 hour stretches at 2 months old, and slept 10 hours a night from 6 months on. She still sleeps from 8 PM-7 AM and takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoon.

The part I dislike most about parenting is...the lack of a do-over when you really tank.

The part I love most about parenting is...the first snuggly moments in the morning with kisses and I love yous, and those last snuggly moments at night before there's quiet in the house.

My terrible parenting secret is...I coach my kids answers before we go to the doctor and the dentist so I don't get lectured about things like flossing and talking to strangers.

I would describe my approach to discipline as...strict. I don't let them get away with a lot. I insist on good manners.

My worst parenting habit...caving into Lindsay to keep her quiet.

The one thing I am really proud of is...Lauren is remarkably polite. People always comment about her manners.

I probably am too lenient when it comes to... television time. I let Lauren watch far too much TV. I believe the guideline for the 17 month old set is no TV whatsoever. I really only use it when I am trying to get something done, though.

I hope my kids inherit my...sense of humor.

I hope my kids don’t inherit my...lack of patience.

I love that my kids are...their own people.

The thing I miss most about my pre-mom days is...going out in the city with friends. With the amount of money a sitter costs, it limits what you can do when we've hired one.

Motherhood is...both better and harder than I imaged.

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