Thursday, November 1, 2007

Triumph and Failure

In honor of kicking off NaBloPoMo, I resolved to do something really WMish, something truly worthy of a post. I figured holding Lars in from trick-or-treating would be a good start, but I'll be darned if the kid didn't toss out 16 more lines after school, bringing his total to 68/90, and making him the only kid in first grade to be able to spell "furniture" without I caved and let him go out.

Then, Lars got his stitches out today. I couldn't be there because of work, which might be a little awful but he called me all excited from the doctor's office, "MAMA! I GOT MY STITCHES OUT! I CAN PLAY HOCKEY TONIGHT!" and we took him to McD's for a no-stitches celebratory dinner (hello Zero Nutrition Thursday), so any hint of awful kind of got wiped out.

I did force both kids to shower after hockey, using shampoo AND soap ("But Mama! The shampoo runs down so I don't NEED to use soap!" ... "Use it anyway. Make me feel I work to buy you soap for a reason."), but that's hardly point worthy. It seems I'll be resting on the laurels of October for now but stay tuned - another wine tonight and I might drag the kids out of bed to clean up that soap ring they left in the tub.


Chaotic Joy said...

I just have to say having Zero Nutrition Thursday fall on the day after Halloween this year, really worked out fabulously. I think our entire family well exceeded our quota. Even Clara, she ate some candy while I was sleeping as well. :)

Chaotic Joy said...
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Epiphany Alone said...

Lars isn't likely to forget how to spell furniture. He'll have a great story to tell when it appears on his spelling list.

I'm giving a point for Make me feel I work to buy you soap for a reason.

Grandmoo said...

The sample-giver-outter at Costco recently told her skeptical listeners that her shampoo WAS to double as body lather. Lars's idea isn't as nutty as you think! Maybe you could lobby for a point for disregarding a brilliant marketing idea by a six year old.