Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reporting Live from 6:00AM

If you read last night's post you can probably deduce the late hour I (finally) crawled into bed after a long day on my feet. It's now 6:00AM. I have been out of bed since 5:3oAM, and I'm already out of the shower. I have not eaten breakfast, and it's not in my plan this morning...I have to save time to fix my face and hair so that I'll look pretty on TV. I'm sure the pregnancy karma or my doctors (plural) will exact some type of nasty revenge but, at the moment, Baby is happily doing somersaults, which makes me happy. It bodes well for his future good-natured adaptability. I think that will be a necessary trait because clearly his mama is crazy.

(Wish me luck today. Every dollar we need for a year's worth of Junior League projects is raised in a 6-hour food tasting festival...everything is lining up for a record-shattering year!)


emmay said...

Though I never made it to such late stages of pregnancy, I cannot imagine functioning on such little sleep. Yikes!

Chaotic Joy said...

Okay girl...WME aside. You better take care of yourself and that baby.

Good luck today. Hope it's all worth it.

karen said...

So you'll sleep tomorrow? Like the whole day? Good luck with the fundraiser!

*pab said...

Phil and I are at home now (9:00pm) and have been since 8:25pm. All is good...actually, better than good...early dollar signs are pointing to a record-shattering day! I am tired, but good, and will be sleeping for a LONG time. :) Next big project: pampering Baby and Paige.