Saturday, November 3, 2007

Squeaking In Under Midnight

I'm not IS still Saturday and, since tonight we "fall back" an hour, I still have an hour and 4 minutes to spare! I haven't posted to WME in a long while. That is NOT because I have been a model of gestational mama-hood. Oh contraire, mes soeurs! I am, candidly, quite afraid of the stern reprimands that are sure to lobbed in my direction.

In the time since my last post, my life has been about two things, and two things only: work and Taste of the Town. And, oh yeah, I'm having a baby in about 6 weeks.

It got so bad this week that I actually, for about an hour, forgot I was pregnant. How terrible is THAT? Luckily, the baby kicked and reminded me not only of its existence, but to eat because, oh yeah! my pancreas cannot keep up with the demand for insulin to regulate my blood sugar and I'm supposed to eat really healthy stuff (read: protein with every gram of carbohydrate) 6 times a day, and check my blood sugar 4 times a day, and, if I can manage to keep my sugar levels in check with diet I won't have to take Glyburide or, shudder, insulin. All of this while managing the demands of an overachieving freshman legislator and serving as Co-Chair for the largest fundraiser of the year for the Junior League.

A perfect mama would probably beat a hasty retreat to the Ada's Natural Foods, settle into the nesting phase and jettison all but the most basic responsibilities to a job. But I didn't ask to join Best. Mama. Ever.


karen said...

If, by "stern reprimands" you mean we'll award you points, you're right.

1 WMP for forgetting you're pregnant. With only six weeks to go, how can you miss the watermelon you're toting around? :)

I can't offer any advice at all on dealing with diabetes - I'm genetically unable to cope with the loss of sugars from my diet. When my grandfather was diagnosed, he banished cane sugars from his diet entirely...he switched to honey and maple syrup.

Chaotic Joy said...

Sorry I doubted you Paige. I should have known you would come through.

You actually forgot you were pregnant??? You are obviously not in the throws of end of pregnancy misery, or you would not be able to forget that for a second.

Sorry to hear about all the food regulations. Did you not tell your doctor about ZNT? Seems he/she would have been a bit more understanding.

Taking on way too much and NOT taking it easy to adhere to strict pregnancy guidelines 1 pt

But don't worry you'll be able to relax once the baby gets here. (Evil grin)

Epiphany Alone said...

I too was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 32 weeks. I can say it was a lot more daunting thinking about all of it than doing it, particularly once I got the hang of dietary exchanges and mastered getting a blood glucose reading in under a minute even while in the car. The nice trade off is that I didn't put on another pound after they put me on the diet, and my insulin sufficed to the end of my pregnancy a mere 4 weeks later.

Hang in there, Paige!