Monday, November 12, 2007

Mondays are terrible

I've always disliked them. I'd thought after I stopped working that that would change since Monday is a school day and school means I get more done, but alas. No.

On top of it, we had Thursday and Friday off due to a teachers' conference, so going back after a 4-day weekend and having an 8:30 AM executive committee meeting (I'm an officer in Lauren's school PTO) was especially tough. Lindsay was unamused at 10 AM when I dragged her out of the meeting and brought her to the Y. But she played happily for an hour and a half, and then let me drag her to the grocery store.

At the moment, it is just after 1 PM and we've just finished lunch. She's thrown every one of the linen napkins on the floor. She's tired and impatient. The house is a wreck because it always is after a weekend, and worse after a long one. Dishes piled up in the sink. Laundry piled up in baskets. Groceries now on the kitchen floor.

Ok, time put that kid to nap already and try to get some work done around the house.

I hate Mondays.

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Chaotic Joy said...

Ya know, I almost write this post every Monday and I am totally feeling you today.

The weekend is over, the house is a disaster and the week stretches before me with one long list of monotonous chores. It's grocery shopping day and I can't tell you much I detest sitting there each Monday morning trying to plan meals my kids will actually eat that aren't exactly the same as what they at the week before.

We just got home from that trip right now. I got Ben down for a nap late and put away $200 worth of groceries trying to figure out how the bill ended up so high.

And now, like you, I will start on the laundry that has multiplied like Tribbles over the last two days and covered the floor in several rooms.

But what I really want to do is take a nap.

I am with you. Mondays totally suck.

Aren't you glad you opened up that bottle of whine?